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The full range of Risk Minimisation Materials are available in the pharmacy zone of the Maloff Protect website:

  1. Download the Pharmacy Guide Information on the correct choice and usage of the various malaria chemoprophylaxis, including Maloff Protect
  2. Download the Pharmacy Checklist A quick guide to the key actions you should take before supplying Maloff Protect
  3. Download the Screening Questionnaire A screening questionnaire which you can fill out with your customer. It is accompanied by some explanatory notes and together, these will help you understand if Maloff Protect is suitable for your customer
  1. Download the Pack Size Calculator A quick reference guide to the appropriate Maloff Protect pack sizes for varying lengths of trip to a malaria endemic area
  2. Download the User Reminder Card Along with the User Reminder App, customers can use this Reminder Card to plan their Maloff Protect dosing
  3. Maloff Protect Risk Management Materials Click these icons wherever you see them in the training. They will take you directly to the full Risk Minimisation Material

Check the SmPC before recommending Maloff Protect to customers.

Maloff Protect is indicated for the prevention of malaria in adults aged 18 years or over.
The health information contained here is provided for educational purporses only.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Watford, UK – All Rights Reserved. (PL 25258/0166, P; RRP [excluding VAT]: 24 Tablet Pack = £39.00, 36 Tablet Pack = £56.16)
Always read the SmPC carefully.
This information contained here is provided for educational purposes only.

Please click here for the Maloff Protect Essential Information

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